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Traditional Breakfast
The breakfast menu covers the usual eggs every-which-way to American-style pancakes with banana and maple syrup.
The full English breakfast is available to order but if you'd prefer something a little lighter, porridge, fruit salad or granola are all good options along with our home baked breads and pastry.
Tea or coffee and a selection of freshly made fruit juices to start your day of in the perfect way.
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Flavours Restaurant
Flavours overlooks the country's most important harbour and its bustling fish market at the entrance to the port. Our chefs take pride in bringing the best and freshest seafood to your table with the taste of Africa fused with a twist of Asia.
The Bar is adjacent to the Flavours Restaurant and through out the day you can enjoy the views of the harbour and relax with a refreshing drink or an espresso coffee.

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Flavours Bar
Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner or just drinks, you will always find a warm welcome and a relaxed, informal atmosphere at our Flavours Restaurant and bar.
The seasonal menus and daily specials offer the best of local produce with a strong emphasis on fish but also a good balance of seafood, meat, poultry and vegetarian dishes.
Family friendly with fantastic views over the harbour, the bar has seating both inside and out.
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African Asian Fusion Menu
A wonderful and authentic culinary experience that celebrates the diversity and commonality of the Afro & Asian experience. Masterful preparation and elegant presentation of Africa’s global influence on food culture and cooking techniques. The world’s best ingredients are expertly combined in ways where they would not ordinarily occur. In each dish, you will taste the global journey and deep influence of the African Asian flavours.
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